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I want each of you to know is Tyler is not alone in his battle there are millions of kids and adults facing similar challenges daily. There is not one day that goes by that doesn’t begin without everyone in the family on pins and needles to see how his urine registers in the morning. EVERYDAY, without fail, there is a nervous calm waiting to see if he is going to have a good day. If you can put it on your heart and finances permitting, to donate something every couple of months, or every year, whatever and whenever is possible and mention Tyler’s name when doing so, it would mean the world to many who are suffering. I encourage each of you to stay connected to the bravest, most disciplined and kind spirited person I have the privilege of parenting, Tyler Page Ransom.

The latest video shows how he deals with taking his medications and doctor visits. It also contains an interview segment with Dr. Elaine Kamil from Cedars.


andrew said...

Way to go Tyler! Keep it up---

Andrew Glass

jess said...

hi tyler my name is lucas i am 4 yrs old and also have NS. I live in NC. I like watching your videos it seems like we have a similar routine with meds and docs. I had a biopsy this summer too.