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This is also the debut of The Skylar Ransom Show enjoy:

The purpose and creation of this site was to give us, as Tyler's parent's a way to make a difference by creating a platform for increased public awareness and a way to raise essential funds for our sons kidney syndrome, called Nephrotic Syndrome.

Specifically Tyler's kidneys filtering system malfunctions, as a result protein leaks into his urine, which causes fluid to accumulate in his body and his eyes, stomach and legs swell up. Prolonged leakage can cause kidney failure.

We are dedicated and focused in our goal to assist the Nephcure Foundation (www.nephcure.org) in finding the cause and the cure for Nephrotic Syndrome (which is what Tyler has), and FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis).

Be advised that the title of this site is somewhat deceiving, as it is not just Tyler who needs to be healed; there are many who suffer from kidney ailments. Thus, we ask you to consider the title expansive, as it is our mission to bring relief to a world of brave souls who battle these challenges daily.

Thank you for visiting our site. We respectfully request that you tell your family, your friends and all those whom you come across to take a moment, to stop by and to check us out.

We also encourage you to check out the link "Tyler Challenge" to see the amazing people and organizations that have gotten involved and see how you may get involved or encourage others to.
Together we can make a difference!


Anonymous said...

How inspirational ! My daughter has NS..she is 3.5. Tyler will go places...his spirit is amazing. I have tears in my eyes

Anonymous said...

My 7 yr old daughter just had her first onset of NS in March 2011. It's been really tough on her to be on the prednisone and all the side effects. She spent over an hour listening to Tyler's videos and I cannot tell you how helpful it was for her to see she is not alone. Thank you Tyler for telling your story- you are helping alot of children (and their parents)

We will continue to pray they find answers for all of you brave kids!

Jenn Trunk said...

Hi there!!! I'm 36 and also have FSGS. I remember seeing Tyler's picture awhile back, and felt so badly for the kids stricken with this awful disease. Glad to see you're helping spread the word. I also have a blog that chronicles my disease from an adult's perspective. It's called http://Fsgssucks.com. Can't wait to hear more!

fantage populars said...

hey tyler its your cousin amaia ransom carol ransom's daughter and your so insperational maybe we can meet when im come down

djsmom5 said...

im valerie my boy donavan is 5 years old and got diagnos last year with nephrotic syndrom.. today out of the the year my boy has sufferd through this seen ur videos and it very inspiring im guna show my 5 year old today when i go home to help him undergo this disease along with ur self... its a good feeling on a mothers part and childs part that they arent the only ones who relapse and get swollen .. thank u for ur blogs im guna continure to follow up on u .. till then live ur life handsome .. parents stay strong .. valerie los angeles , CA

chinese medicine,kidney diseasea said...

FSGS is short for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, which is a common primary renal glomerular disease. It is a type of nephrotic syndrome either in adults or in children. The characteristic of histopathology is renal segmental scar, with or without adhesion in renal glomerular capillaries. Focal means that there are less than 50% of renal glomeruli which are influenced. Segmental means that there are partial leaflets are influenced. Glomerulosclerosis means that the whole renal glomeruli show hyaline change or scar. So from the above, we can get a conclusion that there are still healthy renal glomeruli in this stage. On the other hand, if we do not take effective measures, the condition will also deteriorate and illness associated with FSGS will take place. Next, we will mainly introduce illness associated with FSGS among children, which is a concern of parents.

Anonymous said...

What a great story! My daughter 3.5 has ns too. I was wondering: it seems you eat gluten and dairy free...we are doing this with my daughter too, has it seemed to make a difference for you? I would also like to know what vitamins/ supplements you take. I would love to hear your feedback!

Simon Svenson Ecuador said...

Hey! I just saw you in the MMA Hour.
I suggest to you to find a BIOMAGNETISM therapist.
The one developed by Dr. Goiz from Mexico.
I'm sure they have one close to where you live!

Look up sea water! Sounds strange to start with, but it
cures a lot of deseases. The information is out there, both in youtube and other sites.

Good Luck!

Nicolas Joniaux said...

I hope Tyler gets better, he's really good doing jiujitsu and good luck to you guys in Rusia!!
Francesca :)xx